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Free Download Bar Inventory Templates

Inventory in the bar industry may be a tedious and protracted activity. Even so, inventory tracking is very important because spills often occur and free drinks are often given to customers. Both of these factors can damage your profits.

Inventory management software can indeed help you make an inventory on the bar. However, you must understand the basics of paper inventory. This will make you make better assessments and purchases. Here are the basics:

  • look at the inventory at the bar
  • determine the work bar financially
  • measure the existing shrinkage
  • identify the cost of drinks so that they can determine prices effectively
  • determine the best-selling and most profitable drinks sold
  • compare sales within a certain period of time

Spreadsheets for tracking inventory in a bar must have three columns namely starting inventory, received inventory, and ending inventory. Then, the row from the spreadsheet must contain identification of items such as beverage name, beverage brand, type of beverage, and size of beverage bottles. Enter the product by number so that you don’t need to reorder alphabetically every time you make an inventory. Maintain inventory consistency with the inventory period (weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.)

To make it easier for you to manage your inventory bar, we provide templates that you can download, modify, and print:

  • Free Download Bar Inventory Template
  • Free Download Bar Input Purchases Template
  • Free Download Record Inventory Template
  • Free Download Record Counts Template
  • Free Download Liquor Inventory Spreadsheet Template
  • Free Download Bar Inventory Basic Template
  • Free Download Simple Bar Inventory Template
  • Free Download Manual Tracking of Bar Inventory Template
  • And many more!

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