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Free Download Server Inventory Templates

Inventory is a complete list of information about items in stock. However, in terms of server inventory, what is being recorded is not goods but servers that are managed in a company / organization. In server inventory, things that are recorded are such as server type, server capacity, server memory, and type of information stored by the server.

Inventory is an important activity because it can provide valuable information as needed. With inventory data, you can schedule maintenance, upgrades, troubleshooting, and gradual shutdown of problematic servers. In the past, server companies manually updated server inventory in spreadsheets. However, as problems and technology become more complex, spreadsheet manuals fail to keep up with the times. Today, server inventory is more often worked out using software programs. Computer applications can indeed map servers and update server detail every time there is a change on the server. Some details are written on server inventory such as server name, server domain name, IP address, operating system used, server status, server type, DNS suffix, last data retrieval status, last management status, and recommended actions. Server inventory can also manage the details of virtual servers and related information such as advanced continuity plans and patch management.

Although server management software is widely used, server inventory templates can help you get started with your inventory. Here is a sample template that you can download for free:

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  • And many more!

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