Sample Inventory Database Templates

Free Download Sample Inventory Database Templates

Database inventory is a report that contains all information about names, parts, quantities, vendors, locations, etc. from a database that can be accessed by authorized people. The inventory must be accurate, up-to-date, and customizable.

Database inventory can be created using manual templates, inventory management, and certain sophisticated inventory application programs. Here are some of the benefits of developing a structured inventory:

  1. Inventory templates are easy to use. New programs or systems are usually not user-friendly, complex, expensive, and intimidating. In fact, the simpler a process the better. A complex system does not mean that the system is powerful. Better to use a solution that is powerful, easier, and more manageable than inventory management that is difficult, complex, not user friendly.
  2. Manual templates are more accurate than inventory management if managed properly. Assign the same person and record at the same time (daily, weekly or monthly) so that inventory reports are always reliable.
  3. Can track storage size quickly so that it can backup data faster.
  4. Can easily access reports so that decisions are made quickly. You need to know the remaining inventory in a certain time to be able to develop a streamlining strategy smoothly.

Several methods for creating database inventory:

  1. paper list

Some small traders and household producers still maintain an inventory manually on paper. This ancient method is not recommended because it is difficult to store and make copies. Also, it is vulnerable and easy to get lost. This method can still work for very small operations.

  1. spreadsheets

Some spreadsheet making programs, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, iWork Numbers, Calc OpenOffice, and Calc LibreOffice, are more advanced software than manual tracking on paper. However, spreadsheet capacity is still limited. Spreadsheet shortages will be seen when the data is managed too much so it is difficult to navigate.

  1. access

Microsoft Access is a database creation application that can be used to track inventory. The database entered is still limited. Access has more functions than Excel and other spreadsheet programs. However, Access needs to be learned even though it is considered not too difficult. Once you master it, you will get many benefits from using Microsoft Access.

  1. advanced inventory software

Specific software for inventory management is expensive, complex, and requires students. However, the majority of businesses that are already national or international have switched to this special program.

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